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Tire Inflators for Air Machines

Tire inflators are necessary tools if you have air machines or use air compressors for tire filling. Inflators are installed at the end of the hose coming from the air machine. They often have a small section of hose attached to them, which is called the “whip.” The whip has a chuck on the end to connect it to the larger hose coming from the machine. Inflators usually have a trigger to open the air pressure when the customer or employee is ready. Many of them also have a handy built-in gauge for the user to check the PSI of the tire or item being inflated.

You should frequently check the inflator on your air machines to make sure they aren’t leaking, jammed, or damaged. If the inflator has an issue, then customers won’t be able to fill their tire, or will be delayed in doing so. Making sure accessories like the inflator are working properly aids in efficiency and helps foster a positive customer experience.