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J.E. Adams Coin Vacuums

J.E. Adams is a leading name for coin vacs and other large, commercial vacuums. With decades of experience in the vacuum market, J.E. Adams has a large variety of units for different purposes. They have options with coins, bills, and credit card acceptance for payment – and some have a combination of payment types. Some models even have a n on/off push button so they can be used for free, used as a complimentary service or in shops that require heavy-duty vacuums.

Ultra-Turbonators from J.E. Adams are highly functional, powerful, premium vacuums for busy car washes with demanding customers who expect the best on the market. The Ultra-Turbonator line offers several different models with additional services like shampooing, spot treatment, fragrance, tire shine, and hot air drying. Super Vacs from J.E. Adams are true workhorse vacuums for car washes and shops. Arguably the most popular line of vacuums on the market, Super Vacs are built-to-last, easily serviceable, and stand up to the demands of constant use for decades if treated correctly. Combo Vacs are available in vac/air, vac/shampoo, and vac/fragrance, allowing you to offer various services at a lower price point than Ultra-Turbonator units. Dual Vacs allow you to conveniently have two vacuuming stations with a smaller footprint than it would take to have two separate units.

When choosing a J.E. Adams vac, there are some important things to keep in mind. Choose from 1, 2, or 3 motors depending on the volume of your business and the demand that will be put on your vacuums. Colorful, lighted plastic domes are great for branding and a more eye-catching appearance, while stainless steel domes offer more security and will likely last longer than plastic. Take note of the various security specifications mentioned in product descriptions to get the level of protection necessary for your location.