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Nozzles, Claws, and Fittings for Coin Vacuums

Every coin vac needs the perfect tools to provide the best cleaning experience. Shop our selection of quality nozzles and claws, available in both heavy-duty plastic and metal options. Some attachments provide a full opening that quickly cleans large areas. Other claws and tools provide convenient shapes and angled ends that provide a focused suction area ideal for crevices, vents, and other awkward, hard-to-reach interior areas. They come in both 1.5" and 2" diameter sizes to match the size of your hose.

Of course, you’ll also need fittings to firmly attach your tools to the hose end. Cuffs join hose to tool, keeping suction loss at the connection to a minimum and allowing for quick changing of attachments if needed. They are available with built-in swivels that allow the components to spin freely without causing hose kinking and tangling. Adapters allow you to use one size of hose with a tool that has a different diameter.

All of these fittings provide tight, reliable connections without having to rig something up with ugly duct tape or clamps. Improve efficiency, offer a premium customer experience, and keep your coin vac stations looking great!