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Coin Vacuum Hose

Unless you have quality hose, even the best coin vacuums are useless. Our hoses are incredibly flexible while still being durable and long-lasting. Our selection of heavy-duty plastic vac hose includes a variety of colors and color combinations to match your branding or the color scheme you’re using at your vacuum stations. We offer 1 1/2” and 2” inner diameter hoses – the most popular sizes needed. Lengths include 15’, 25’, and 50’. You can buy smaller sections to avoid cutting, or buy the fuller rolls at a cheaper price and cut them down to the lengths you need to save money (and save on shipping by ordering less often).

Here are some helpful notes for buying vac hoses! Remember to limit the length of your commercial hoses to just long enough for users to comfortably move around the vehicle they’re cleaning. With excessive length, hoses will drag on the ground too much and be harder for customers to hang up. If you see two colors listed for a hose, the first color indicates the outer ridge color, while the second one indicates the inner grooves. Find the right hose for your vacuums before buying any nozzles or accessories so you don’t get tools you won’t end up using.

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Tips for Buying Car Wash Vacuum Hoses

  • Size typically measured by inner diameter
  • The most common inner diameter (I.D.) sizes are 1.5" and 2".
  • If two colors are listed for a hose, the first color is the outer ridges and second color is the inner grooves.
  • Buy hose with a color scheme that fits your existing branding.
  • To save money, buy larger lengths of hose and cut them down to the length you prefer. It might take a little bit of experimentation to master getting a clean cut in the right spot, but it will pay off in the long
  • Limit the length of the hoses you have installed on your vacuums. They should be just long enough to allow customers to comfortably move around their cars.
  • Decide what hose works best for your application BEFORE buying tools and nozzles.