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Air Booms for Vacs and Air Dryers

Air booms make it easier for customers to use vacuums and air-drying systems at your car wash. Instead of fumbling around with long sections of hose, bumping their car, and even catching the hose on antennas and wipers, booms lift the hose and allow it to glide around the car while customers are vacuuming or drying.

For the car wash owner, air booms are a benefit because they significantly cut down on the abuse that hoses take and need to be replaced less often. Plus, vacuum and air dryer stations look neat and tidy when hoses are on a boom instead of laying around on the ground.

We offer wall or ceiling mounted options to match what you need at your vac islands or in your self-serve bays. You can also choose from straight, curved, or z-shaped designs. These durable, precision engineered air booms typically boast self-lubricating bearings. These booms require little maintenance and last for a long time.