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Coin Acceptors and Timers

Coin acceptors and timers are key components of any coin vac or air machine unit. Quality coin acceptors enable smooth transactions and avoid jamming. The best ones also offer a level of security that keeps criminals from stringing or using counterfeit coins. We offer coin acceptors from the most popular and trusted names in the industry that will keep your coin-operated business running with limited maintenance and problems.

Our acceptor selection includes a variety of different U.S. coins and foreign currency, as well as token acceptance. They come in the most common faceplate sizes, so you’re sure to find the size that is compatible with your vacuum, air machine, or vending machine.

Timers, as you might expect from the name, keep track of the time being used by the customer at the vacuum or in the car wash bay. They let the customers know how much time they have left (count down) or how much time has elapsed (count up).

When it comes to machines that are not attended, having coin acceptors and timers that you trust is crucial to maintaining consistent business flow, avoiding customer complaints, and limiting loss from theft or malfunctioning machines.

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