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Coin Air Machines

Coin and bill operated air machines are a great addition to high-volume businesses with a lot of vehicles passing through the lot. They’re useful to folks who don’t have an air compressor or pump at home but want to keep their tires at the proper pressure level. They’re also a welcome sight to drivers who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of having an unexpected flat or leaking tire.

For convenience stores and gas stations, air machines can be an easy revenue stream from regular customers who top off their tires while stopping for the products they already buy regularly. In other cases, free air machines are offered as a complimentary service to entice customers onto the lot, with the hope that they spend money on gas, drinks, and other goods.

Car washes are another key spot where air machines are used, often placed near self-serve bays or vacuum islands as a complementary service to the standard wash offerings.

Tough commercial air machines provide excellent profit and return on your investment with minimal service. Various models are available with different payment options and duty capabilities. They can be mounted on walls, or mounted on pedestals that allow you to place them just about anywhere you want on your lot. They have durable housings that stand up to the demand of frequent use in outdoor environments, plus quality inner components that ensure customers quickly inflate their tires and get back on the road safely.

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