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Decals for Vacuum Coin Boxes

Decals provide important messaging to customers using your vacuums. These stickers are applied directly to the coin box or vacuum housing so they are clearly visible and obvious to customers. Decals provide a variety of information that improve the customer experience while cutting down on damage to your vacuum equipment.

Pricing stickers provide the price to start the vacuums as well as break down the number of quarters required, making it easier for customers to understand payment. Time decals let the user know how many minutes they’ll have after entering enough money to get started. Message decals serve a wide array of purposes, including things like further pricing info, rules that customers are required to follow, and safety warnings that keep customers out of harm’s way while keeping you legally protected.

These vac coin box decals are offered in a number of different color and size options. Choose the color that fits your branding or vacuum color scheme, or choose the color that you think is the most eye-catching. Easy peel-and-stick application means you can find the right decals and immediately get the helpful messaging on your vacuum cleaners. Make customers happy, drastically reduce complaints and bad reviews – all while providing a clean, attractive look to your vacuum stations!

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