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Industrial Vacuum Systems Vacs

Industrial Vacuum Systems, commonly known as IVS, offers a variety of high-performance, heavy duty coin and pay-to-use vacuums. A staple of the industry, IVS has incredible series like their Power Vacs, Turbo Vacs, and Combo Units that offer customers an incredible cleaning experience and can last decades when cared for properly.

When deciding which IVS model is right for you, take note of how many motors the unit has, as this determines the power level. What you’ll need depends on your business volume and the demand that will be put on the machines. Of course, another important thing to pay attention to is the type of payment the machine uses. Some IVS vacs use coins while others use bills – and some use both. You can also get units that accept credit cards. IVS even offers on/off push button models for those desiring to offer vacuums as a free service to customers.